Now starting our third week into providing our updated report format from Spectora, there is a few things we have learned, and I welcome you to share your feedback as well. The most common question I have received, is why did you change?

There are several reasons.

  1. Brand Promise – Pro-Tech is short for Professional and Technical. Since the very beginning I have strived to offer the most advanced and technical information in the simplest format and language. We refined our prior template and software repeatedly and it had to be distributed to each local machine. Spectora allows us a web-based platform to immediately share changes. It also is the most advanced software on the market currently offering several advantages.
  2. Video – COVID has changed our world. Video is going to change our world. Whether it be Zoom, social media apps, or even home inspection reports it provides us a new way to connect and share information. Spectora gives us a better platform to do this.
  3. 360 Tours – Since January, and even before, my goal has been to implement 360 tours into our reports. One reason is of course for our protection. We can completely document the condition of the home during the inspection. So, if that ceiling leaks appears, we can document with certainty whether it was there or not at the time of inspection. Further, it protects you as a Client or Realtor for the same reasons. Leading to the next question of – How?
  4. Accountability – The first question our inspectors asked was what if I miss something? My answer was simply then it is recorded, and we will have to make it right. You see, I demand the highest level of ethics, integrity, and performance from out team. So, if we are doing these things as we are supposed to be doing them already, then this should not be a problem. It also provides teachable moments and training opportunities.

The main reason though is our Inspectors.

  1. Inspector Quality of Life – As we have grown over the last 5 years from the first inspection and just me, to having 7or 8 inspectors by the end of 2020, and performing 1800-2000 inspections annually, we have all made sacrifices. Many times, delivering reports at midnight or 2 AM. Our families and other aspects of our lives have suffered in some ways. While I am appreciative of the quality of our team and character of our people, I know we can not continue to sustain this pace. There is a balance between Quality and Capacity in life and business.
  2. Quality – We will not sacrifice quality. I felt we were approaching that prior to adding Frieda. Removing the phones and office work from my plate has improved my quality of life and the teams. I think it is improved the quality and timeliness of our responses as well on a more consistent basis. The notes on our end from Frieda help us tremendously. Her dropping off and picking up radon’s, collecting water samples, etc. assist the inspectors and saves time making us more efficient thus improving quality.
  3. Capacity – Adding Inspectors increases capacity but can have a devastating effect on Quality if they are not properly trained and groomed to meet our expectations. We are slow to hire and even slower to turn loose. For these reasons. Spectora allows us to train more quickly on report writing due the ability to distribute templates, improved comment database, and ease of use.

It is no secret that the last two to three years of my personal life have kept many an eye wide open. However, through everything there has been a recurring theme and consistent message on my heart. We can have a successful business and a full life; it is not impossible. It is, however, a balance.

A balance between Quality and Capacity – More than Business

Our Quality of Life is proportionately related to the Capacity of our life.

  1. Do we make time for others, do we invite them in, do we support them when they need it?
  2. Are we being good stewards of the finite time we have on this earth?
  3. Are we growing as a person and serving others with a grateful heart?
  4. What is your legacy?
  5. How will you be remembered?

These are the things that are heavy on my heart. So, in the end, the Spectora switch over was about us wanting to serve others better, be good stewards of your trust, and give our Inspectors more capacity to live their best life. You will not remember Pro-Tech Inspections, Jacki, Stuart, or me for home inspections. You will remember us for the people we are, how we approached our work, and how we treated others.

In other words, you will remember us for the quality of our life, and the capacity we had for others.