Well Inspections

Getting a well inspection before you purchase a home can save you a lot of time, energy, and money. For instance, if you discover a well needs expensive repairs or the water isn’t safe to drink due to bacteria. the well should be treated. You want to know you’re living in a home where the water is safe to consume, and that the flow will support your family.

What is a Well Inspection?

  • A visual inspection of the well head, pressure tank, pressure gauge, pressure switch and other visual well related parts
  • Well pump, pressure tank, and yield testing

Why This is Important

Many households rely on private well water instead of city water for their water supply. With city water, the water is treated before reaching homes.

The opposite is true for well water in that it comes from the ground and needs to stay clean.  A well lasts about 30-50 years but does need maintenance and to be inspected.

Inspectors will check on the operation of the submersible pump, and all parts of the pressure tank.  If you have a basement, that is where the pressure tank is located.

The professional will check the system for mechanical defects, faulty gauges, leaking seals, and rusty tanks.  Additionally, the professional will look at: Well hole and casing, grout, valves, and pressure gauge, control box, capacitors, well cap, and electrical wiring (where applicable). Furthermore, water is often tested and checked for bacteria and lead.

Volume of well water and how fast the pump works will also be checked.  A huge focus is on the pump as it is the most expensive component and needs to be working correctly.

Well Inspections

Our well inspection will determine the function, flow, and yield that can be expected from your well.

Enhanced Well Inspections

This package includes the well inspection to determine the function, flow, and yield of the well and includes a FHA/HUD Basic water panel test for bacteria and metals for a discounted price.

Total Water and Sewer Inspection

This package offers a substantial discount and includes 3 specific services to ensure your water and waste removal systems function properly. Combined these are some of if not the most expensive systems in your home. Included in this package are the following services:

  • Well Inspection
  • Water Quality Test
  • Sewer Scope Inspection

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