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Our Buyer Protection Plan

Does your inspection come with a warranty?

You may have quickly answered, ‘Don’t they all?’ to this question. But, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill warranty on the service or your inspector – it’s a unique warranty attached to the property itself that protects the property’s new owner.

Our Warranty and Buyer Protection Program guards against surprises that show up after you take possession of your new home – things that weren’t evident at the time of inspection. We all know that it’s possible for sellers to hide certain deficiencies with their property by cleaning or staging in order to not have to disclose all issues. While full disclosure is required, key information is often not shared between the seller and their real estate professional.


Inspectors across the country offer 90-day warranties. However, less than 100 inspection firms qualify to offer the PLUS level of protection. Only the best of the best with demonstrated low claims and thorough work qualify to extend coverages to things like refrigerators, irrigation systems, and more.

For example, Order a Sewer Scope and get up to 12 months of protection!

Another example, order a radon test and if your home retest high within the next 12 months the limited warranty will pay up to $1200 in mitigation costs.

An exclusive level of protection available in Greenvile, SC and only from Pro-Tech Inspections!

What happens if issues are uncovered after possession?

If sellers take extra measures to hide problem areas, it’s difficult for a home inspector to detect every issue. Common coverups include using bleach to temporarily clean away mold or painting the ceiling to hide evidence of a leaky roof.

We’ve seen sellers take drastic measures to avoid disclosure. That’s why we think it’s important to go above and beyond for homeowners and your Realtor professional to ensure the property’s covered if issues arise after you’ve taken possession of your new home – with coverage up to five years for some items (check specifics with your inspector).

By this time, mould would have returned or rain would have leaked through the roof, for instance, if these were issues covered up during listing and selling of the property.

This added protection can be another selling feature to set potential buyers’ minds at ease. Also included with each inspection are complimentary: technical advice for as long as the new buyer owns the property; and appliance recall check, which scans consumer recalls for dangerous flaws with home appliances. As an added bonus, the homeowner can then register any other appliance acquired in the future and have them checked for recalls at no extra cost.

Radon Protection Plus Pro-Tech Inspections

REALTOR® relief

Our Warranty and Client Protection Program is also a dream offering for realtors! Imagine the stress this could remove from your life if an issue with the property arises after your client has taken possession. You no longer have to worry about addressing non-disclosure issues and dealing with angry clients.