It’s not just for the Buyers

With the average home values well into the six-figure range, it just doesn’t make practical sense to not get a home inspection. When we conduct a home inspection, we often find things that a buyer would want to negotiate with a seller on, in terms of repairs and/or credits.

Our fees are based on the thorough nature of the inspection we perform, which covers mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural aspects of the home. As recent as 15-20 years ago, there were few, if any, standards for home inspections. Today, there are Standards of Practice that govern what we do and how we do it; in other words, there are certain things good or bad that we must report on.

Without a home inspection, you may find major issues after the closing, at which point they cannot be repaired or avoided, and you have no recourse. Many people don’t know that the home inspection report we produce is considered a legal document. Therefore, it’s unbiased and carries more weight because it’s provided outside the buyer/seller relationship. We’ve seen buyers who thought they were getting the home of their dreams turn to us with a look that says they don’t even want to be in the home anymore. At that point, we’ve often stopped the inspection and given the buyer the chance to walk away without charging them.

In the case of real estate flips or rehabs, a buyer will focus on the brand new stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and hard wood floors. A home inspection looks at a number of things a buyer or seller may not be considering, including foundational issues, structural issues, and those areas a rehabber or flipper may be trying to hide. We are trained to find those elements and not get lost in the emotions of the “pretty”.

We’re not in the business of taking peoples money. We’re in the business of helping people make an informed decision and only pay us once. We want to provide a service and have the buyer see the value in that service. The buyer is the primary beneficiary of the home inspection. However, there are times when an inspection can reveal a serious safety issue that the seller didn’t know existed.

The Secondary Beneficiary – The Realtor

Let’s face it, we live in a litigious society. We’ve had Realtors who have quit using us because they say we point out too many problems and it makes it harder to close the deal. Only later to have them call and ask us to inspect the home that they, their child, or other family member is buying. I’m sorry, that just doesn’t make sense!

In my opinion, rule number 1 – Acting in the Best Interest of Their Client – was broken. When you engage and become the Buyers Agent for Client that have signed the representation agreement with you because they like and trust you. That’s the only time you are selling them something. From that point, your sole purpose is to act in their best interest, and frankly I’m amazed at how many Realtors will openly talk about a soft home inspector. We are not. We are thorough and we don;t change reports.

In fact, there are Realtors I have asked to not to use us again for this very reason. I’ve been asked to change HVAC ages, temperatures, water heater comments, even foundation and structural issues. I look at it like this – we are working for the Buyer, not the Realtor. We are going to be ethical and honest. If we loose business for being honest, then that’s the cost of doing business and writing good business. After all, we do not need nor want the distractions of a lawsuit that can drag on for years. Basically, a good inspection protects the Buyer, and as a result the Realtor is also afforded protection.

Is a Home Inspection Worth the Cost – The Cheap Inspector

A lot of times, the first question people ask is, “How much is a home inspection?” We understand the home-buying process is long and nerve-racking, with a variety of costs and fees along the way. Our fees are based initially on the square footage of the home being inspected. Based on industry data, Pro-Tech Inspections falls in the average range for this area.

In the end, the home inspection will likely be the smallest check a buyer or seller will write that can potentially save them the largest amount of money. We know our value and we’re comfortable in our rates, which have basically remain unchanged since 2016. There’s not a dollar amount you can put on piece of mind.

Lastly, when choosing the cheap inspector, here’s what you are likely giving up for your Buyer.

  • They don’t have the advanced tools we provide.
  • They don’t have the latest and greatest tools to provide detailed information, because they aren’t cheap.
  • They don’t have the back end systems to track the data, deliver the report, and follow up efficiently.
  • They don’t have multiple employees and staff whose family depends on this locally generated income.
  • They don’t provide health, dental, and vision insurance to their full time employees.
  • They don’t provide a retirement savings plan with company match to their employees.
  • They likely don’t pay state and federal income taxes and rather use 1099 contractors.
  • They don’t have their Realtor licenses allowing them to better understand the Sales Contract
  • They likely don’t have E&O or General Liability Insurance, because its not required by the State.
  • They may not even have a license, have you checked?
Simply said – we do.

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