Wondering why certain things show up in inspection reports? Wondering why we phrase things the way we do? Well, join us for a half-day or full day and learn what we do to better prepare your clients for what to expect during their home inspection.

One of our most common questions is why we report on certain things, and secondly why do we report the way we do. Our commitment to you as a Realtor, is to educate you on what we do and why. We view your success as a direct coorelation to ours – and ultimately to our shared clients success.

We invite you to ride along with one of our inspectors and learn how we inspect houses. Our routine, our thoughts, and our methodologies that make us different and have earned us the reputation as one of, if not, the most thorough inspector in the Upstate of South Carolina.

We’ll also discuss with you our Standards of Practice. This is important for you to know and understand as I was recently asked this question –

“Why don’t you just report on the 9 things in the real estate contract that we would need to address with the Seller?”

The answer is that our Standard’s do not match the SCR contract, nor should they.

More importantly, it exposed to me a lack of understanding between this Realtor and the role of the home inspector. What better way to understand who we are, what we do, and why we do it as we spend time together doing an inspection?

We’ll also share some funny lessons learned such as –

Driving to Seneca for 2.42 cents

And replacing a can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in Anderson

There are always opportunities to better ourselves through an increased understanding of each other’s role. We are all licensed Realtors as well; it helps us understand your role – and most of us have bought or sold real estate as either an investor or client under our own license. We have a basic understanding of what you do, so we invite you to join us and gain a basic understanding of what a home inspector does.

Acting in the best interest of your client means you have an unwavering commitment to their success and your own.

We’d be delighted to help you and better equip you to serve them.

To schedule a ride along, please email or call 864.386.3810.

Get in touch.