Cost, Time, and Quality Management.

Building is at an all time high.

The construction management field is booming. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicted an eleven percent growth in this job market over the next 10 years. With economic growth comes more commercial construction and the need for a construction project manager to keep everything on-track. Construction project managers are key to completing a project in the most accurate and efficient way possible, but—much like the labor and materials you use—this is one area where you get out what you put in. While the building company might boast about their quality and cost-efficiency, how do you verify their claims and hold them accountable? It’s simple.


Hire Pro-Tech Inspections as your Construction Project Manager!

As licensed home inspectors, we don’t just know how a building should look, we’ve seen firsthand all the ways that a construction project can go wrong. And because we don’t work for the Home Builder, we’re looking out for you! With every job, our primary concern is ensuring that your investment is protected right from the start.

When it comes to building your forever home, there’s no such thing as a “small mistake.” Something that might go unnoticed in the beginning stages could create a huge mistake later. Construction Project Managers help avoid those mistakes. When you hire Pro-Tech Inspections as your construction project manager, you can rest assured that the project is being completed correctly. We will identify problems before they grow out of control or become hidden by insulation or wall coverings.

By hiring Pro-Tech Inspections as your construction project manager you save time and headaches while still allowing you to retain some control over your home builder.

Other Services

Sellers Inspection Report Consultation

Have your seller’s received a report that is egregious and over the top. Are repairs recommended on things where there simply are not problems? Let us help!


Expert Witness Services

An “expert witness” has expertise in a particular area and is called to testify during litigation. A “fact witness”is limited to giving facts. An “expert witness,” is allowed to give his or her professional opinion.