At Pro-Tech Inspections, we know we charge more than the avaerage home inspector in Greenville, SC and the surrounding Upstate.

Why? We charge more because we spend more time inspecting and writing detailed reports, we use the best tools and technology available, and we have an extremely well-trained team that will make a difference as you purchase your new home.

Our online reviews have a common theme: “Pro-Tech charges more, and they’re worth every penny.

A combined 100+ years plus of experience in the construction and trades!

Pro-Tech Inspections has more experience than any other inspection firm in the Upstate of South Carolina!

What does all this mean – more time inspecting, more time writing detailed reports, the best tools and technology…

Simply put, we invest in our staff, our company, our community, and the industry. Here’s just a few examples.

Simple Flat Fee Pricing – No hidden fees such as crawl space, age of home, mileage, convenience fees, credit card fees, or upcharges for our clients…

Tools and Technology

  • We don’t use simple electrical testers available at the hardware store for $10. We use $300+ electrical circuit analyzers used by master electricians to determine the true condition of the electrical service in the home.
  • We use radon continuous gas monitors, the most advanced monitors available that provide the data necessary to determine tampering and manipulation if test.
  • We use Spectora reporting software, what has become the national standard for inspectors and offers the ability to provide media rich and detailed reports.
  • Our report is copyrighted and protected with proprietary language and format. It is so desired and respected amongst other inspectors, we have sold our template and licensed its use to over 500 inspectors across the country.
  • We are one of a handful of inspectors across the country to provide 360 photos in our reports to document the condition of the home at the time of inspection. Protecting your investment and our reputation.


  • We are licensed, insured, bonded, and background verified to ensure your safety and protection.
  • We provide 90-day warranties on all Whole Home Inspections to protect you from unforeseen failures after closing. Some inspectors get th4se for free by selling your data, we don’t. Again, we protect you and pay for these warranties as a gift to you for trusting us with your largest purchase.
  • We provide you a full concierge service that you may choose to avail yourself to for moving help, utility transfers, etc. to make this stressful, and often emotional, period easier on you and your family.


  • Prior to working in the field on their own, our inspectors have undergone a rigorous training and vetting process. More have failed than succeeded.
  • They have typically apprenticed on over 150 inspections, having written the reports (reviewed by senior inspectors) and completed numerous reading and training courses required to meet our standards.
  • We provide full time staff with health insurance and benefits. No other local company does this – and it’s expensive! They also receive a car allowance, a fuel card, and company sponsored life insurance. Equity plans are in place to allow for employee ownership ensuring they are invested in what we do.
  • All inspectors are required to maintain an active Realtors license for easy access to homes. This company paid benefit keeps us abreast of changes in real estate law, practice, and contracts. It also provides easy access for referring agents as we do not need access codes that make it difficult to gain access in some cases.

Community Engagement

  • Any successful business has a responsibility to engage and give back to their community.
  • We are most proud of our initiatives to work with underserved communities in the areas we serve. Focusing on African American and Latino communities to educate, inform, prepare, and facilitate the building of generational wealth in these communities through home ownership. This is a passion of our founder and owner.
  • We are a Weather Ready Ambassador for the National Weather Service providing education and preparation resources for Free to local businesses, schools, and community organizations. Another passion of our founder and owner.
  • We are locally owned and our resources, including employee payrolls, remain in your community. We have inspectors who live in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Laurens, and Pickens counties to ensure we can serve our local areas easily and timely.

This approach ensures our clients receive the best possible inspection and are made fully aware of the condition of the home they intend to purchase, by capable inspectors who hold themselves accountable for their work.

These efforts make a difference in our work, our communities, our core values, and of course our price. We are not a fly by night inspection company or single person shop. We are a business that will be here to serve you long term…

Our pricing is included in the table below. Please call for any clarifications or questions. Military and First Responder discounts are not reflected.

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