Pre-listing Inspections

An Exclusive Program only from Pro-Tech Inspections! Sell quicker and for more!

We are proud to present our newest offering that brings Sellers, Buyers, and Realtors together for smoother transaction!

Imagine this…

What if you could sell your home faster and for more money? All while you eliminate inspection surprises, get early Buyer Leads, and shop for repairs on your terms or do them yourself! That’s exactly what we bring to the transaction when you use our service.

For Sellers

Nervous about what the home inspection report will say? Take control of your real estate deal and know up front. Search for contractors without being pressured or make repairs yourself. Did you know the real estate contract presented by your Buyers will require the use of licensed contractors? Save money and be ready, while getting buyer leads!

For Listing Agents

Help your Sellers get to the closing table. When referring your Listing Clients to us for a Pre-Listing Inspection, we provide early advertising that the home is being sold and send you all the leads for every interested party who text, emails, or purchases the report!

For Buyers Agents

In the Seller’s market we are currently in, have prior knowledge of homes coming on the market – AND, knowledge about the homes condition before an offer is made. Know going in – making repair negotiations easier and timelier with fewer surprises. Empowering your Buyers with knowledge is key in this market.

Advantage for Every Party to the Transaction!


  • Trendsetter
  • Aggressive Plan

Lead Gen

  • For Seller
  • Listing Agent

Less Liability

  • Accurate SDS
  • Builds Trust

No Surprises

  • Inspection
  • Informed Buyer

Easier Close

  • Few Objections
  • No Cost Shares

Happy Clients

  • Referrals
  • Relationships

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