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Porch Repair Estimate

What is a Porch Repair Estimate? Eliminate paying and waiting on contractors to come out. Learn more here!

How are the cost estimates developed for the Repair Estimate Report?

Porch uses a team of pricing experts along with historical data to determine local labor and materials rates in your area. The information included in your inspection report is then used as the basis for calculating repair estimates. We mark the items we can’t calculate with confidence (for example, lack of adequate information or items that require an in-person review) as such and will provide a best guess estimate in those cases.

Can I see a sample repair price estimate report?

Absolutely! Click here.

How much does the report cost?

The fee is only $80.00. Less than half the cost without the frustration of having to meet only one contractor on-site for a quote!

How do I get my Repair Report after I purchase it?

All reports are accessible via a one-time-use link that’s sent to your Realtor when the report is ready. When you click on the link, you’ll be directed to an online version of the report. The report can be downloaded as a pdf. The next time you click on the link in your email, we will verify your identity and then provide you with a new link. This process helps us keep your information private and protected.

How long does it take to get the report?

The Repair Estimate Report is delivered within 48 hours of your inspection being completed. We do not support the rush option available.

In what format do I get the report?

When your Repair Estimate Report is ready, we’ll send your Realtor an email with a link to the report. All reports are available digitally, and can be downloaded in PDF format.

I've received my report and have some questions. What should I do?

We’re here to help! Contact us anytime at with any questions, comments or concerns.

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