Phase 3        Final Inspection

You are ready to close and this inspection checks that all the systems operate properly and combine with one another to create the perfect home for you and your family.

Final Inspection

The final inspection should be scheduled a few days before your scheduled walk-through with your builder. This will ensure that the building process is near completion so systems can be inspected. This inspection incorporates all the major systems in the home and is the most time consuming of the 3 phases.

3 Critical Things You Can Do When Hiring Your Personal Inspector

If you’ve made it this far, then likely you are interested in moving forward with your inspections for your new home. Whether you choose us, or someone else – please consider these 3 things to help you make the process successful. 

New construction phase inspections can be tricky to schedule. If your project manager is off by a few days on his timeline, or last minute paperwork needs to be submitted, your scheduled inspection could be missed. That is why it is important to let your home building representatives know in advance that you wish to hire an independent building inspector to perform phase inspections throughout the building process. Below is a list of actions that you can take to ensure that your construction inspection goes off without any difficulties.

  1. Try and let your builder or project manager know well in advance that you will have a third-party inspector conducting independent phase inspections on your behalf. This has the advantage of putting them on notice, which will improve their attention to detail from the start. Also, it will require your project manager to be more accurate with their projected timelines. One of the most common complaints when dealing with your project manager is their inability to deliver an accurate timeline.
  2. Your home builder may also have some requirements that may need to be met by your inspector. Try and obtain this well in advance and get it to your inspector to avoid any last minute difficulties. The requirements are usually minimal, and any quality home inspection company should have no issues supplying the needed documentation.
  3. Finally, it is very beneficial to acquire the engineered plans that your home is being constructed with. More and more, home builders are limiting the access to their building plans. However, if a copy is available for review by your inspector this can add extra clarity to the home inspector and provide a more thorough evaluation of compliance with the design Engineer’s requirements, variations, and required structural components.

We truly appreciate you taking the time to consider Pro-Tech Inspections as your Upstate South Carolina home inspector, and we look forward to assisting you with your new home inspection needs.

Phase 1 - Pre-Pour Foundation

Most new homes are being built on slabs in our area. Whether it is a slab or crawlspace, the first inspection is for the foundation upon which your home is built.

Phase 2 - Pre-Drywall Inspection

All the mechanical elements are roughed in and the framing is complete. This phase ensures the pieces that make the home functional are properly and safely completed.

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