Pre-Pour Foundation

Phase Inspection Process

There are three opportunities available during the building cycle that are recommended to have your third-party inspector evaluate and report on the workmanship and construction of your new home. The standard 3 phase inspection process is utilized to ensure that major construction defects within your home are not covered up.

There is a market for these types of inspections for a reason. Additionally, most high-quality home builders fully welcome a third-party inspection. The new construction phase inspection is conducted at three separate times.

Pre-Pour Foundation Inspections – Slab Foundations

Historically, this was Phase 1 of our Three (3) phase process for your new construction inspection. However, we no longer recommend this phase due to the loss of value.

Given our location and seismic region, local builders now have a Engineer’s Certificate on file in the local Code Compliance office. This certificate certifies the design no longer requires mesh and rebar and is compliant with local codes. Thus we feel as though looking at a gravel base and vapor barrier does not provide the client with the value it once did. In order the continue to provide a service that reflects a deliverable that engages the builder and client to provide the best home possible, our third phase is now an 11th month warranty inspection to create the final repair list before the builders 12-month warranty. runs out.

Pre-Pour Foundation Inspections – Crawl Space/Pier and Beam

A pre-pour inspection for a crawl space continues to provide footers and allows us to evaluate footer depths and pier placements, as well as the proper footer/masonry base.

For these three (3) phase inspections, the pre-pour replaces the 11th month warranty inspection. The 11th month warranty inspection is an option that may be purchased seperately if the client desires.

Phase 2 - Pre-Drywall Inspections

All the mechanical elements are roughed in and the framing is complete. This phase ensures the pieces that make the home functional are properly and safely completed.

Phase 3 - Final Inspection

You are ready to close and this inspection checks that all the systems operate properly and combine with one another to create the perfect home for you and your family.

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