OwN the House™

OwN the House™ is our patented program to provide a no cost home inspection to better serve our Realtor referral clients.

Lowering the barrier and up front financial requirements to purchase a home can be a difference maker for many home buyers. Especially as the market shifts and we see changes in interest rates affect buyers purchasing power.

Our new conceot, provides on-going services that also maintain the homes condition and lessens the liklihood of expensive and unforseen repairs. Making it easier to sell the home for more when the time comes. And because you referred them to a company that made it possible, who are they likely to call to list the home?

While we encourage buyers to consider the monthly home maintenance plan, Pro-Tech Inspections continues to offer our normal payment options.

  1. Pay at time of service. Pricing.
  2. Pay at Closing for a Small Fee.

Working with Buyers longer,

and more accountable than –

“At The Time of Inspection”

Building Lifetime Value

How it Works

Realtors work the way they always have. But –

Once they are under contract the inspection is scheduled with Pro-Tech Inspections under the OwN The House™ program. The inspection process remains the same adn you will be scheduled for the whole home inspection and any ancillary services the client requests.We’re still doing them all at the same time making it easy for all parties – Buyer, Realtors, and Seller!


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