Recently I received a recruitment email as a Realtor. This email was from a Broker whom I respect, and frankly admire what they have been able to accomplish. However, immediately the email rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve also followed a few posts and discussions on social media regarding the different mindsets of various agents, again – whom I respect, regarding discussions about the same recruitment mentality.


As most of you know, I’m direct. I have my own beliefs and follow my core values purposefully and without apology. Similarly, I credit many of you with doing the same and I encourage it. It’s how we learn, how we grow, and how we collectively serve our clients and community through our passions and blessings bestowed upon us. Blessings come in many forms, and for me at least, money is the least of which. I’m reminded of a book I read often that it’s more difficult for a rich man to get to heaven than it is to pass a camel through the eye of a needle. You may be asking yourself, where are you going with this?


As business owner and leader of an organization locally, I feel we all have responsibilities to our peers and clients to provoke thought, express our opinions, and lean on those things that make us different. And why should all blogs be about home inspections. The great commission commands that I do more…


So here we go – Legacy versus Loyalty.


These two words have sent me on a quest to study and learn over the last several days. You see, I value loyalty. Let me say that again, I HIGHLY value loyalty. The best and most fulfilling relationships are built upon the very element of trust and loyalty. Our marriages, our friendships, and our business relationships are built upon the very essence of finding responsible parties, whether like-minded or not, who share our sense of urgency, our common goal, and the ethics and values core to who we are.  These relationships and our experiences within them either help or hurt our lives and our businesses. The hurt endured sometimes come with a lesson we needed to learn, or a trait of our own that we need to work on. Either way, that loyalty brought us value. A loyalty can be but a season as we learn over time and through future experiences.


Legacy as referred to in this recruitment message is about money. In fact, Merriam-Webster defines Legacy as 1: a gift by will especially of money or other personal property.


As licensed Realtors and Home Inspectors our duty is first to our Clients. Money and commissions are specifically excluded as reasons for our actions, and it is stated they should not motivate nor guide us in our decisions. As this recruitment email suggested, they will help you build a legacy through leaving behind wealth, or again money.


Frankly, I find that mindset to go against my core values. Many of you have heard me say I don’t care about the money – let’s take care of people and the money will take care of itself. And that has proven true so many times in my life. Of course, I want to be comfortable and not have a worry about basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. My heart grieves for those children go to bed hungry every night, including many here in our community. As a community and profession, I would hope you have your passions to which you give back to this community which has brought you success.  Sure, a big bank account, a new car, all those things are nice. But is that your legacy?


I hope not. When I’m dead and gone, my money has no value on this earth to those who love me. My absence will cause sadness, even though that same book I like teaches us to rejoice. No amount of money can replace our loved ones unless that money is the goal or your legacy.


When I die, I pray my legacy will be not for the biggest bank account or inspection firm. It is my desire not to be remembered as a good home inspector. My goal is to be remembered as a man that was loyal to his friends and family. A man who saw goodness in others even in their darkest of times. A man who was generous to those who loved and were loyal to him. A man whose heart for his fellow man was large and gracious, patient and kind.


In my mind to choose legacy or loyalty sells us short and prevents us from achieving all we are capable of – in fact, I would go so far as to say it’s self-serving and short sighted. I don’t demand loyalty from our staff. I earn it by caring for them and being loyal to them. The same way we treat our clients and referral partners. That’s the legacy I desire. It’s a two-way street and legacy with loyalty creates growth and investment in those closest to us.  Both are needed to excel. The comfort and strength provided by a loyal friend will be remembered in their legacy. I doubt that you will remember the $20 dollars or $100 dollar wedding gift they gave you in the end. But their time you will always cherish.


Feel free to choose, I invite you to be you. Chase that passive income or revenue share. I don’t care which brokerage you choose or endorse, I do however, care about each of you as a person and wish you much happiness and success. Chase your dreams of success whatever they maybe and whatever they may look like. If you think I can help, ask!


However, I can assure you a fat bank account and sitting at home alone has little wealth. There’s a difference in being rich and being wealthy. Lose yourself in the moment. I can promise you life is about more than money (and two legs) – find your tribe; be loyal; build your business and legacy together because then and only then will you experience the richness and joy this life has to offer and keep those who are important around to share it with.


Buildings rise and fall, traditions begin and end – but our legacy lives forever.