Is your Home Inspector Shifting with the Contract and Market Changes? 3 ways we are!

Report Language

All you have to do is read the Facebook groups, internet forums, and listen. At the end of next week many local Realtors are nervous regarding the upcoming change to a Due Diligence contract. Recently, the primary local Facebook group had numerous instances of Realtors being told one thing by one attorney, and something different by another.

Soon enough clarifications will come out and the new contract will be better understood, questions will be answered, and before you know this change to shall be a thing of the past. One of the reasons we have Real Estate licenses, beyond just Supra or SentriLock access, is to keep abreast of upcoming changes just like this. Several years ago, we changed our reporting language to better fit the Repairs language in the SCR contract. Now, what is perceived as a major shift in the way we will do business has once again dictated a change to our language.

Changing the language has been a process for the last 4-6 weeks, which has not only involved me doing many changes to the template, but also involved our Clinical Psychologist who routinely reviews 10 reports each quarter. She is involved in any change we do so that we are writing a clear concise message, easily understood at an eighth-grade level and without alarming content.

From there, it’s reviewed by our insurance company and our corporate attorney for acceptance and compliance with recent case law and our Standards of Practice. Tonight, the final language changes to support Due Diligence were entered into our template and will begin being included in our reports on Monday morning.

Supporting our clients and providing them protections and language consistent with the contract is one of the many things that sets us apart from our peers. I can assure you that other local inspectors will be reactive rather than proactive.

When a Realtor called me recently, worried about the changes, I said simply when is the last time you had to get a contractor out to the home to evaluate something? She said, “well, in roughly 35-40 inspections over the last 12 months I haven’t. I get it and just never thought of that way…”

Which begs the question – is your home inspector shifting with the contract and market changes?


Beyond language changes to support our clients, I have spent a great deal of time focusing on things this change may mean for you, the Realtor. What actions or services could we offer to better empower your clients whether Buyer or Seller? And yes, as most of you know I am creative and think outside the box. In fact, there is no box. One of the products we have already brought to the market has already caused some ruffles.

Check out,,,, – all of which lead to An innovative program to remove due diligence and earnest money concerns with the new contract while also providing you Buyers leads. It’s a pretty solid offering and here’s a brief recap of what the data suggest so far.

  1. Listing Agents have provided the final sales price they anticipate in over ask offers. We have delivered on average $8300.00 over that price by removing buyer concerns related to waiving an inspection.
  2. One particular listing agent received 16 buyers leads. None of them bought the home they had listed, and she has since sold 3 more homes to leads captured through the program!
  3. The home is advertised before the Realtor can, because I’m advertising home inspections – not the home!
  4. The Seller gets a 120 limited warranty!

Learn more at If you have questions, feel free to text me at 864.386.3810 or email me at What better way to educate your Seller’s, get an accurate disclosure, earn more money for your clients, and limit inspection surprises.

Which begs the question – is your home inspector shifting with the contract and market changes?

Repair Pricing – Learn more at

Time is always of the essence in a real estate transaction. Most inspectors shuck responsibility by referring everything to a specific trade. We make every effort not to do that, and only recommend that in the most severe circumstances where there is so many defects, seen or hidden, that an exhaustive and detailed review is needed.

Remember, discovery is on the Buyer. So, if they have to then pay for an electrician, plumber, hvac, roofer, etc. – why hire us? What value did we bring?

Let’s take it a step further. Nearly every industry is short staffed. Contractors are charging for quotes and have limited availability not only to do the quates but to do the work. Even one quote is costing $150-$300 according to feedback I’ve heard from Buyer’s Agents.

With Due Diligence you must now worry about due diligence timelines, negotiating repairs (again), earnest money, and an EARLY TERMINATION FEE! Wow, you guys are going to be busy and likely see some crazy things until this sorts itself out. We’ve already seen crazy things with limited inventory, Sellers refusing the repair contract items they willfully entered, over ask, multiple offers, and more. Now you get to add these things new things to the list. And I’ve been told there is nothing in the contract to even require the seller to respond to your repair request. Best of luck to you all – I’ll stick with inspections, but I want to support you in a way that no one else can or is willing to do.

So, in comes the repair pricer! Instead of calling all these contractors and having to go to the home to meet them, paying for quotes, waiting on the appointment and even the quote/report – we can now offer you a 98% accurate repair quote for all things in our report within 48 hours for only $80.00!

$80.00 to get a quote on all items to help you and your clients identify those big-ticket items and empower your ability negotiate on their behalf. $80.00 for an easy-to-read written report that considers current market pricing, materials costs, labor cost, and availability. In 48 hours! The report will be delivered to the Buyers Agent for your review prior to the client seeing it. It’s another way we can make you look fantastic, prepared, and educated setting us and you apart. We know we are an extension of your business when we work with your clients. Together, we can make this happen – a process that truly protects us, you, and defines the theory of working in the best interest of our client.

Which begs the question – is your home inspector shifting with the contract and market changes?