Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is a term used for the air quality we breathe within the indoor environments of buildings and structures where we live every day. Many pollutants affect the indoor environments of commercial structures from a myriad of sources. Sources include mold, allergens, bacteria, avian pathogens, dust & particulates, metals, chemicals, gases, volatile organic compounds and so on.

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Testing

We’ve all heard the popular complaint that you feel sick at work, but nowhere else. Maybe you chalk it up to allergies, that you haven’t dusted in a while, or that the company maintenance staff just isn’t cleaning as well as they used to. The truth is, there it’s a real possibility that the building itself may be sick. The only way to know for sure is to have your indoor air quality (IAQ) tested.

Other Services

Water Quality

Drinking water quality may be required for HUD loan products. We always recommend this test when purchasing a home on a well. This basic test can keep your family healthy.


Lead Based Paint

If your home was Built prior to 1978 consider lead based paint testing. It’s likely there are areas present, however, it’s only problematic under certain conditions.


Asbestos Sampling

Long known to be a health hazard, Asbestos can be expensive to remediate and is still found in older homes – siding, tiles, HVAC insulation, and attic insulation are all potential sources.