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Home Warranty

As our valued client, order a Home Warranty through us and RWS, our warranty partner, and get 18 months of coverage for the price of 12 months!

Pro-Extended Warranty Coverage

At Pro-Tech Inspections we believe in protection with the inspection, therefore with every home inspection, our clients get free warranty protection.  Our clients get a 5 year roof leak warranty, 90 day home warranty, 90 day sewer line warranty, and 90 day mold warranty.  Unfortunately, these short term warranties have limitations and do not cover many of the things an extended home warranty will cover.

An extended home warranty helps protect a homeowner from major home system and appliance repair and replacement costs.  The typical home warranty covers heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing systems, and major appliances such as washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators.

For Buyers, an extended warranty provides protection and peace of mind knowing your emergency fund and savings stay untapped.

For Sellers if something breaks down during the often hectic process of selling a home, the seller has a way of executing a repair or replacement.  Also, with Aardvark’s Pre Listing Inspection program Sellers get free warranty coverage during the listing period.

Pros of Home Warranties

Peace of Mind: According to HomeAdvisor, the average national cost to replace central air conditioning is $5,750, and installing a water heater costs an average of $1,159, including the unit and labor.A home protection plan can be a great form of financial security against unexpected, expensive, home repairs, In fact, according to the Service Contract Industry Council, contract holders on average utilize their home service contracts more than two times a year.

Cost Savings: Long term home warranties can give you peace of mind especially if a system like a hot water heater costs $250 to fix or $1,200 to replace.   With a home warranty, the cost to repair or replace is a flat fee of $100 deductible on average.

Transferability: A consumer could purchase a home warranty and then transfer it to the new owner if they sell the property.

Cons of Home Warranties

Wait Times: If you need a quick fix, or have an emergency on your hands, brace yourself.  The wait times can be a little long if you use the phone for claims. But if you set up an account online, you can get your claims submitted much faster, and you can do it at your convenience.

Coverage: Home warranties don’t cover all items.  Things like pre-existing conditions, animal infestations, windows, doors, wood rot, recalled products, etc are not covered.  Also, every home warranty has different coverages and this is the time to take a close look at home warranty coverages and make the best decision to give you the protection you want.  If you don’t read or understand the coverages, then you may end up believing you have coverage for something you don’t.

The Pro’s of home warranties absolutely outweigh the Cons and Pro-Tech Inspections has used the size of our company to negotiate special extended home warranty plans for our clients.  These home warranty plans are ONLY available to Pro-Tech Inspection’s clients and they offer more coverage at less prices than many plans available at other places.  For example, the Premium Home Warranty plan available to Pro-Tech Inspections clients can provide typical home warranty coverage plus items no other home warranty company offers..

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