Pro-Tech Inspections is dedicated to promoting diversity and embracing conversations regarding wealth. Many businesses fear having discussions regarding race, inequality, and prejudices based upon race, religion, creed, beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. How are we as a society to address the gaps in beliefs and build common ground without these conversations?

Through advocacy, partnerships and connections within the industry, we can: a) raise awareness of homeownership opportunities for the African American and Latino communities; b) secure policy and program changes to expand homeownership readiness to future homeowners; and c) assist current homeowners with maintaining and maximizing the benefits of homeownership. This is a message God has repeatedly laid upon my heart.

We are blessed to work with many underserved communities in the Upstate. The building of generational wealth through homeownership can help families sustain and leverage homeownership to create a strong financial foundation. Currently, we have two specific initiatives to approach and build even more relationships in these areas.

For nearly 6 years, we have partnered with The Housing Authority of Greenville by not only conducting inspections, but also by participating in workshops to prepare clients to purchase and maintain a home. Educating buyers on what to expect, the home inspector’s role, the Realtors role, how the lending process works (the dos and don’ts), and many other aspects of what can be fearful for the first-time home buyer, who in many cases, risk their entire savings to make the deal happen. We work alongside many other professionals and collaborate to see these dreams come true.

For 5 years, I’ve waited and explored ways to tap the Latino market, a growing segment of the population that is expected to comprise a large percentage of future home buyers. The language gap is a barrier my southern tongue could just never quite figure out. Finding the right person, who can serve this community has finally happened and I could not be more excited by the person we found. Duvan and I are already meeting with local leaders of the Latino community to discover resources we can provide and partner with to serve them.

Over the coming years, you will see a continued emphasis from us on promoting diversity and reaching underserved communities. These things matter. Everyone is created and wired differently. Shaped by their life experiences and culture, largely driven by differences we may not understand. I invite you to join us in this journey of immersing ourselves in conversations that sometimes make people uncomfortable. That’s how we learn, that’s how we serve others – that’s how we come together as a community.