Draw Inspections

Building a home is a complex orchestration involving many different subcontractors and their employees – each working on a different system of the house usually without regard to the other house systems.

Draw inspections, also known as progress inspections or completion evaluations, verify the advancement of a construction project—residential or otherwise—for lenders, third party project management services, and cash buyers funding their own build. By cross-checking draw inspection reports against those of a contractor, our clients can protect their investments. For example, when an inspector finishes a draw inspection, their report helps confirm that the contractor completed their work before the bank disperses funds or draws.

The word ‘draw’ comes from the contractor being able to draw on a bank loan for services compeleted.

During draw inspections, inspectors detail the:

  • amount of work completed for each project line item,
  • percentage of necessary materials on site, and
  • evidence of observations via photos and reports.

Unlike a standard home inspection, draw inspections are not for finding defects.

We are working for the client who does not have boots on the ground, and our job is basically [to say] ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Is this component there? Yes or no?

We have nothing to do with how well it was installed, what the engineering is, or even if they have the right component.

We’d love to discuss this more, or perhaps even engage with you on a project that is upcoming or already under way.

We provide the following services to support this type of project.

  • Development of Project Specific Draw Schedule
  • Draw Templates and Recommendations
  • Custom Report Design based on Specific Lender Requirements
  • Ability to work of Your Provided Draw Schedule/Scope of Work

To engage our services for your project, please email info@pro-techinspections.com or reach out using our web chat feature at the bottom right corner of this page.

Phase 1 - Pre-Pour Foundation

Most new homes are being built on slabs in our area. Whether it is a slab or crawlspace, the first inspection is for the foundation upon which your home is built.

Phase 2 - Pre-Drywall Inspection

All the mechanical elements are roughed in and the framing is complete. This phase ensures the pieces that make the home functional are properly and safely completed.

Phase 3 - Final Inspection

You are ready to close and this inspection checks that all the systems operate properly and combine with one another to create the perfect home for you and your family.

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