Dave Adams, Founder, Palmetto Inspections Group

President, Pro-Tech Inspections

President, Palmettom Home Warranty

President, PermitChex

SC RBI.48921 • SC Realtor 97659 •  Radon/IAQ #IAC2-04-7416 

dave@pro-techinspections.com • 864.386.3810

I began my adult life as a Firefighter/Paramedic in Roanoke, VA. Moving to Greenville to be a Paramedic in 1992. After a line of duty injury, at the age of 29 I took a retirement package and was forced to figure out what I was going to be when I grew up. I never imagined doing anything else.

My Dad worked as a homebuilder for over 30 years and has been a Firefighter for over 40 years. Combining my experience with residential construction through the fire service and my Dad, I transitioned to working as a Public Safety Consultant designing two-way radio sites and overseeing the construction and engineering designs. This led to also getting involved in two-way radios and completing system designs for public safety communications for FEMA, DOJ, FBI, and numerous State and Local jurisdictions.

Life has a way of writing our story. This experience found me working for Nextel and supporting the then Nextel Cup Series of NASCAR by designing and building Cell on Wheels (COW) that traveled the NASCAR circuit. Work was also completed at racetracks for the infrastructure needed to support the traveling circus. Finally, that story ended with me working with NASCAR and IndyCar teams and broadcast partners to develop two-way radio systems and implement digital radio comms. Interestingly, this also led to the design and building of what is known as “Command One”. This 53’ tractor trailer travels to each race and houses 16 repeaters and carries over 800 two-way radios that are deployed to fire/EMS and other workers supporting these events. It was a first for NASCAR. IndyCar found me improving team communications and developing an intercom system used by the teams for private discussions regarding strategy.

IMS Productions was a partner in the development of a state-of-the-art fiber optic network and backbone developed using laser delivery systems for TV broadcast of team communications, a system now also employed by NASCAR. Before coming off the road, my final project was Daytona Rising and inspections against the design/build process at Daytona International Speedway. At the completion of this phase of my life, I had inspected over $15 billion dollars of light, medium, and heavy construction.

Returning to my residential roots, I founded Pro-Tech Inspections in 2016. We have been continually blessed and we are fortunate to have a team of professionals who care deeply about serving you in the best possible way. Continuing education and early adoption of technology is key to our business. However, you can not fix people problems with technology. So, our focus is, and always will be, the people. Those we serve, those who refer, and those with whom we have the privilege or working beside.

Summary of Qualifications

Experience in the construction field having worked on numerous design/build projects, third party construction inspections and site monitoring, and consulting on projects involving construction inspection, risk management, and project management.

Highlights include:

  • Consulting for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Design/Build, Project Management, procurement, and construction of a 28-site telecommunications project in Calhoun/Talladega Counties in Alabama
  • Design/Build, Project Management, procurement, and construction of a 16-site telecommunications project in Morrow/Umatilla Counties in Oregon
  • Design/Build, Project Management, procurement, and construction of a 6-site telecommunications project in Pueblo County, Colorado
  • Design/Build, Project Management, procurement, and construction of a 32,000 square foot public safety communications center in Pueblo County, Colorado
  • Structural/Electrical evaluation of existing public safety communication center in Calhoun County, Alabama. Project including writing of technical specifications and functional requirements with total oversight of construction
  • Design/Build of communications systems currently in place at all International Speedway Corporation (ISC) and Speedway Motorsports, Inc. (SMI) NASCAR facilities
  • Consulting in Motorsports Construction and Communications
  • Design/Build of mobile command center for at track communications for track support and public safety needs at all NASCAR Sprint Cup series tracks.
  • Design/Build of IndyCar communications network
  • Design/Build of NASCAR Nextel Cup series facilities, to include structures, pads, fencing, electrical, HVAC, and telecommunications infrastructure at all NASCAR Nextel Cup series tracks
  • Construction and System Performance for Commercial Cellular Networks
  • Design/Build of over 400 communications facilities in Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee including permit pulls, HVAC, electrical, telecommunications, and structural requirements.
  • All the above projects included Independent Validation and Verification (IVV) for the owner of facilities. Experience managing construction budgets from $250,000 to $100M.
  • Most Recent South Carolina Residential Builders Commission Licensee Experience
  • 6 years direct hands on and supervision with general contracting task and construction in the home remodel/repair industry.
  • I have completed over 2500 home inspections in the State of South Carolina.
  • I have been recognized by the Home Builders Association of Greenville and the Greater Greenville Association of Realtors and asked to present education topics to bridge the gap between Builders and Inspectors and Inspectors and Realtors.
  • I have built a business over the last six (6) years with revenues of over $5M dollars and 9 inspectors with annual revenues to exceed $1M in 2022 with expansion to the Coastal areas of our State in 2022.
  • Created jobs for 12 staff members with 5 years of consecutive double-digit growth in annual revenues, average fee per inspection, and annual inspection counts.