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Making Sense of Your Home Inspection Report.

Sellers sometimes receive repair request that are based on home inspection reports from inexperienced, over zealous, or inspectors simply looking to pass the buck for liability.

Not only do we care about our Clients, we also care about our profession. Just as we expect to be held accountable, we encourage other inspectors to be active in their profession and remain current on proper standards and how to report on conditions that are sometimes out of the ordinary. Today’s technology provides an easy means of research and we believe there is no reason to report things in error rather than taking the proper time to research and learn for one’s self.

For a small fee of $125.00, we will gladly review the Inspector’s report offering feedback and language on how to respond to items reported in error, incorrectly, or not applicable to the home based on the condition, year built, etc.

Sellers routinely save more than 3-5 times the cost of this service by not having to make unnecessary repairs that are not required by the real estate sales contract. In fact, we saved one client over $7,000 based on an error in the inspection report completed by an unlicensed inspector.

Expert Witness Consulting Services.

(For Inspectors or Private Party Civil Cases)

An “expert witness” is someone with expertise in a particular area who is called to testify during litigation. A “fact witness” is a person whose testimony is limited to giving facts. An “expert witness,” by contrast, is allowed to give his or her professional opinion. An expert witness provides an Expert Witness Report after performing an inspection. The goal is to provide a report so convincing that the opposition will decide to settle out of court, saving the client the cost of continued litigation.

Although an expert witness may be hired by either a defendant or a plaintiff, or by the court, s/he is supposed to be a neutral third party. This means that the witness has no interest in the outcome of the case, and his or her testimony is unbiased.

How does it work?

After reviewing the preliminary information, the first decision we’ll make is whether to accept the work at all. It may be that the prospective client will ask us to support a position that we are unable or unwilling to do.

Expert witness fees vary with the situation and with the person providing the service. The client is typically expected to pay an initial retainer, of $1,200.00 or more, depending on the amount of time we estimate the initial scope of work will take. This does not include on-going time and materials.

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