Imagine Greenville without local small businesses. Go to main street. Now imagine it without any small businesses. Instantly, the area loses everything that makes it unique and brings charm. Small businesses provide character and individuality to a community. It is neighbors helping neighbors ― friends helping friends. And I suspect, Main Street in Greenville, SC rivals and is the envy of many!

However, small businesses are more than that. They benefit their local communities in many concrete, quantifiable ways. National studies that small businesses are the backbone of their local communities. More specifically, if you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays within your local economy.

Greater Community Involvement of Business Owners

Volunteer work, charitable donations, or participating in community festivals and events are all common for small business owners. You may see a local car service sponsoring a youth sports team or a group of downtown merchants organizing a community trash pick-up day. 52% of small business owners donate to charity, and of those that donate, 90% donate to local causes.

Small business owners live and work in their communities, taking pride in making their towns a little nicer.

Fostering a climate that encourages small businesses isn’t just about donations. Sometimes, quality time and passing along knowledge can build up communities just as much. Some small business owners may guest lecture at the local community colleges or high schools, fueling a new generation of entrepreneurs.

At Pro-Tech Inspections we believe small businesses like ours are the heart of the community and soul of our very existence. We hold this responsibility dear, coupling it with our passions to deliver unique opportunties to engage our community.

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