Building Intelligence

Sometimes a Building Permit History is needed to verify a renovation, flip, or additions were properly completed by licensed contractors. This critical piece of information can have a significant effect on your home’s value.

Our exclusive platform that contains over 1.2 billion building permit records in 85% of the Top 50 US housing markets. How does it work?                                             

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  3. For only $19.95 we will deliver the available building permit records to your email within 24 hours

How does this help me?

Buying a home with unpermitted work can significantly affect the safety, operations, comfort, and value of the home. Once you close on the home, then you inherit these issues and sometimes it is not clear during the inspection process and more information is needed. Without this information, it may be hard to get the Seller to make repairs. The best evidence is the lack of a proper permit!

What is Building Intelligence?

Building Intelligence is an affordable tool that can provide a significant level of knowledge regarding a specific property. IF work was done and properly permitted, the contractor will be identified, as well as when the work was completed. This simple piece of information provides piece of mind that the homeowner had repairs completed properly by licensed professionals lowering the likelihood of hidden defects that cannot be seen by your home inspector.

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