Advanced HVAC Inspections

The Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is often an area of major concern for home buyers in Greenville, SC. Ironically, the Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors in South Carolina does not require both the Heating and Air conditioning systems be tested by the inspector.

This practice is acceptable due to the manufacturer recommendations that unless the outdoor air tempertaure has been above 60 degrees farenheit , or 65 degrees farenhiet depending on the brand, either the heat or air should not be tested. For example, if the outdoor temp has been below 65 degrees farenhiet at any point in the last 24 hours, the inspector is not recommended to test the cooling portion of the HVAC system.

Therefore, if the inspector test the system and damages the unit, it is highly likely the homeowner will then ask the inspector to repair or replace the unit. It wouldn’t take too many units before an inspection firm was put out of business.

Thus, inspectors and clients can eliminate some risk, but not all. Pro-Tech Inspections is able to better support our clients by partnering with licensed HVAC technicians who can test both portions (sides) of the HVAC using the proper tools, technology, and guages to monitor the pressures of the system and the refrigerant. Specifically, heat pumps present a much greater challenge to inspectors than do gas furnaces.

Our clients are encouraged to consider this add-on service for $175 for the first system. Each additional system can be included for only $125 since we are already on-site. We aren;t always able to know beforehand how many systems are present in the home, even as we know a rough square footage. We gladly, allow our clients to add the second, or even third, fourth systems while on-site.


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