The Team

We are very proud of our team and experience we bring to the field when serving you.  Firefighters, Paramedics, NCAA Division 1 athletes, government officials, and faith based professionals combine to create a team geared towards service to others. We follow a servant leadership model and combine our unique backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and abilities to bring you a best in class group of professionals. All capable in their unique ways to provide you an unparalleled experience.

In fact, only 20% of those we interview and offer a training program make it through to completion and end up inspecting homes on their own. We simply will not compromise on two things.

  1. The Quality of our Report
  2. The Way we Treat People

That’s why we say…

Experience the Pro-Tech Difference!

Dave Adams

Dave Adams

SC RBI. 48921
SC Licensed Realtor 97659
IAC2 Cert.# IAC2-04-7416

Stuart Shepard

SC RBI. 49057
SC Licensed Realtor 104370

Jacki Kinch

SC RBI. 49125
SC Licensed Realtor 94253

Dave Adams

Frieda Suess

SC Licensed Realtor 114553

Ray Childs, Sewer Scope Operator

NASSCO – Lic # U-0717-07008698
(PACP) Pipeline Assessment
(MACP) Man Hole Assessment
(LACP) Lateral Assessment

Ron Taffer

Apprentice Inspector