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Our People

Our Values. Our Mission. Our Why.

A combined 125+ years plus of experience in the construction and trades!

Pro-Tech Inspections has more experience than any other inspection firm in South Carolina!

Over $32.3 Billion worth of heavy, medium, and light construction inspected, and counting. No one else comes close…

Our Values.

Pro-Tech Inspections relies upon our core values of Persistence, Integrity, Trust, Accountability, and Prudence.

Persistence – Never give up. Have a passion for your work and for satisfying clients’ needs.

Integrity – Do what is right, not what is easy. Be ethical and honest. Focus on truth over harmony.

Trust – Trust in your team. Commit to earn their trust. Follow the Golden rule. Respect clients, co-workers, and family.

Accountability – Be accountable to staff, clients, and yourself. Do what you say. Follow through. Exhibit an ownership mentality.

Prudence – Combine understanding with forethought. Listen to what others are saying before responding.

Our Mission.

Pro-Tech Inspections mission is to provide the highest quality inspections and ancillary services. We succeed based on the integrity of our team and the corporate belief and commitment to our core values. We will maintain and demonstrate this passion through continuing education, industry participation, market leadership, and adherence to our Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics – all of which drive client satisfaction.

Our Why.

Simply stated, you.

Our passion is to treat you like you matter. To delight you throughout the process, to serve you,  and to empower you as you make decisions regarding the largest purchase you will likely ever make. To honor those who refer to us. To make you feel like you are the only Client we’ve ever had.


Locally Owned.

The real estate market in our area is booming. Sales are at an all time high. As a result nationally owned and operated home inspection companies are opening up shop in the Upstate. Companies from Atlanta are expanding to take advantage of our market. When you choose Pro-Tech Inspections, or any locally owned small business, your dollars, your choice, your control stays right here. Our staff are your neighbors and our children play on the same sports teams.

We grow together and we build not only our local economy, but our homes together. We have staff members living across the Upstate making direct impacts and spending their dollars at your local business. They are firefighters, paramedics, volunteers, and more. All with a history and heart of serving their communities.

Unlike these  out of state companies – we don’t want to be the Wal-Mart of home inspections. We want to be your life long choice, build relationships, and when the going gets tough, we’re just right down the road!

You see, when the going get’s tough – that’s when we excel! For these out of state companies it’s about the money, they see an opportunity. When the money stops making sense, they close up shop and move away, we’re still be here to answer your calls and serve YOU. We believe it’s about you. If we take care of YOU, the money takes care of itself.


Client Care Team

Frieda Suess

Client Experience Manager


SC Realtor 114553                       Direct 864.982.7495

Office 864.386.3810

Ann Shepherd

Client Care Team


Radon Measurement Technician

IAQ/Water Sampling Technician



Client Care Team                   

Staff Support Services

Greenville and Charleston

Pay at Closing Coordinator            CL100/ShowingTime Liaison          Payroll Administrator


Home Inspectors 

Stuart Shepherd, Inspector

Greenville Operations Manager

SC RBI.49057 • SC Realtor 104370  864.982.7285

Jacki Kinch, Inspector

Lead Inspector

SC RBI.49125 • SC Realtor 94253  864.982.8315

Stephen Godfrey, Inspector


SC RBI. 49568 • SC Realtor 124382 864.399.5505

SC RBI. 49568 • SC Realtor 124382

Duvan Castro, Inspector

Greenville/Upstate 864.399.4335

Antimicrobial Remediation Technician • AMRT #63765815

se habla español

Bumper Kenton, Inspector

Greenville/Upstate 864.894.0924


Ray Childs, Sewer Scope Operator


NASSCO – Lic # U-0717-07008698  Office 864.386.3810

Tim Hyder, Inspector

Greenville/Upstate      864.436.7621


Wayne Talley, Inspector

Charleston/Low Country

SC RBI. 47905  843.252.8180


Investor/REO Services Group

John Blair, Inspector

Team Lead

SC RBI.49791   919.623.3439

Ron Taffer

SC Realtor 120084 Office 864.386.3810

Dave Adams, Founder

Palmetto Inspections Group

Greenville and Charleston

President, Pro-Tech Inspections

President, Palmetto Home Warranty

President, PermitChex

SC RBI.48921 • SC Realtor 97659 •  Radon/IAQ #IAC2-04-7416 • 864.386.3810

A company of first. We lead the way, others follow…

Pro-Tech Inspections embraces advanced tools, education, and processes to deliver unparalleled quality in our home inspections. In fact, we set the bar with many first in the Upstate and industry as a whole.

  • First Inspector in SC to offer weekend appointments
  • First Inspector in SC to use drones
  • First Inspector in SC to build and use crawl robots
  • First inspector in SC to offer Thermal Imaging
  • First Inspector in SC to bundle CL100’s now everyone does it
  • First Inspector in SC to offer and be a One Stop Shop, and we are still the only true one stop shop
  • First Inspector in SC to offer Sewer Scope services
  • Only SC Inspector with a certified Mold Remediator on staff
  • One of the First Inspectors to have Supra key access
  • NO CLAIM DENIED Home Warranty
  • No one offers the complete package – except Pro-Tech Inspections!
  • South Carolina’s Largest and Best Home Inspector.