Many local inspectors have been adopting the trend of offering 90-day warranties. In fact, some new companies are moving in and offering the same.


The warranties come at a cost. Generally, $20 per inspection. All inspection firms work off small margins after paying our teams, office rent, multiple insurance policies, software fees, and ours is even smaller due to offering company vehicles and car allowances (which means commercial auto insurance), and our employee health insurance program is super expensive.

So how do they do it? The answer is simple and may surprise you. They are selling client data. To offer these programs, they are selling your Client’s information! In return they get the warranties for free, and they get some software fees paid. Our client info is NEVER for sale.

Not to mention, it is a gimmick! The HVAC, SewerGard, Platinum roof and other alleged warranty services have such fine print and limitations they are basically worthless. For example, if the HVAC fails the max the Buyer can collect is $500 in a perfect world.

The gimmick gets other inspectors business based upon the promise of a warranty that essentially causes more frustration with significant limitations and restrictions further increasing Client’s frustrations if it is needed. It allows the Inspector to wash their hands of the complaint and say, we will that is what the 90-day warranty was for.  AND – in fact, it is not even a 90-day warranty.

It starts on the day of the inspection and promises only a maximum of 22 days coverage if the closing is delayed.  Our average close date would provide the Buyer with around 30 days of coverage at most. 

Simple, let’s stand behind our work.

Let’s do a good and thorough inspection on the front end.

Let’s maintain our Client’s and your privacy.

Let’s keep that data to ourselves.

We do not hide behind 90-day warranties and gimmicks to earn business. We stand proud with our long history of leading the way in technology and ethical business practices. In fact, recently a Realtor began using us and told me he had always heard Pro-Tech Inspections is a Buyer’s company and Selling Agents hate us. 

Of course, he said this jokingly, however, we are proud of this reputation. It is the Buyer’s we work for. We try to be fair and report only what we see. Nothing more and nothing less. We are respectful of the Seller’s home, but most importantly, we work hard to honor the trust placed in us by our Clients. That begins with protecting their personal information.