I was wrong…

Chris Stapleton and Craig Wiseman penned the words of this country song. A story about a man whose words cost him a woman he loved and needed so dearly. I can’t help but wonder what my words and stubbornness has cost us by refusing to offer this level of protection.

For almost six years now, I have been a strong advocate of providing thorough inspections that didn’t require the backing of what I called gimmicks. Gimmicks such as offering a 90-day warranty provided by the inspector. Simply put, I thought a great inspection that was well documented was all the client needed.

No nothing has happened that cost us money or reputation. Simply put, I was wrong…

Over the last year, my position has slowly changed. As I thought about things to take us to the next level, to continue our rapid growth and better our position in the market – one thing kept creeping into my mind. Value. Whether real or perceived, value is what we all seek in our relationships, be it business or personal. So, I embarked on a journey on what we could do to better support our primary goal as a company, or in other words – increase our value.

As inflation continues to increase, and COVID variants affect our work and home lives, and as real estate in the Upstate of South Carolina continues to be recognized as a Top 10 market across the country – I explored several options to increase our value, or unique selling proposition (USP). Exploring the cost, conducting cost benefit analysis, and determining how the addition would impact our clients, our bottom lines, our brand, and marketing strategy for 2022. In the end, one thing was clear – I was wrong.

90-day warranties do indeed have a place in this industry, and beginning on Monday, December 20, 2021 all inspections on existing homes, and standalone Sewer Scope Inspections (receive SewerGard protection only), will receive this FREE warranty coverage courtesy of Pro-Tech Inspections! These warranties extend our value and effort long after we’ve left the home. They provide valuable protection to our clients if things change prior to close. Most importantly, they provide a recognizable signal to the Client that we care about their trust, investment, and our work.

As I explored different options, and there were several, I was offered the opportunity to sell our clients data in exchange for free warranties. Our core values as an organization, and personally, would not allow this. Our Client is our primary focus, and their information should be protected at all costs. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t start a franchise. I wanted total control over our client data, how we documented and conducted inspections, and lastly, I wanted all the revenue and jobs generated to remain local.

Eventually, I found the solution. Residential Warranty Services (RWS), a home inspector centric business that sells us the warranties for every Whole Home Inspection we conduct. We are not beholden to them by contract. Our client data is protected. Another value is for Realtors. I’m calling this REALTOR relief.

REALTOR relief – Free 90-day Warranties

REALTOR relief is a simple concept. First, you no longer need to be worried about those phone calls after a client closes and moves in their new home. We have a plan for that – and they have a warranty that covers their home for no less than 22 days in case the closing is delayed. Otherwise, the warranty starts on the day of the inspection. Clients will receive their policy documents automatically 5 days after the inspection. This is for structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, etc. They also get mold protection for this same period.

The roof receives a 5-year Platinum Roof Warranty for leaks!

SewerGard protects them for 90 days – unless they purchase a Sewer Scope, then their coverage is automatically extended to 6 months.

RecallChek is a service for appliance recalls. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, HVAC, garbage disposals, microwave, and more! And not just for what comes with the home. They get this free for life! If they buy a new appliance, they can add it to their account for free.

Does your inspector market for you? This program also comes with the opportunity for you to register as a Realtor. You can upload your photo and contact info, updating as often as you like. Afterwards, your clients will get a monthly recall and helpful tips email branded with your information. An automatic 12 touch points annually for free with no effort on your behalf! And if they get a warranty recall – you are notified! Allowing for another touch point to maintain your hard-won relationships. This is all free for you and your Clients!

Lastly, clients will receive a FREE Porch Home Assistant Gold membership! A value of $350 this lifetime membership will begin by offering them a concierge moving service. How many times have you worked with clients to get utilities determined and set up? Let the pros handle that free of charge for you and your client making the move easier. They can also help with moving companies and other moving related details, freeing you up to work with additional clients and lessening the stress on all of your clients and staff! A win-win for all.

They also receive $100 in handyman coupons for any work they choose to do on their home, and no booking fees if using Porch!

Home Warranties are always an option as well. If we inspect the home, and your client goes to our website and orders an extended home warranty, they receive 18 months of coverage for the price of 12! An option is also available to upgrade to the premier warranty which basically has coverage unheard of in the home warranty industry. RWS is also the highest rated home warranty company as determined by Google reviews. Plus, we have the report and can advocate on behalf of your client directly with the owner of RWS.

Although we are not, nor do we wish to be in the home warranty business, we are in the client services business, and now not only do we provide the most detailed and thorough reports with 360 photos and advanced test equipment, but we can also provide on-going protection for our clients and REALTOR’s. Now that’s value!

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I was wrong…