The Experience

Our diverse backgrounds combine over 60 years of multi-discipline construction and technical backgrounds to ensure a complete and thorough inspection of every property. Our inspectors collaborate daily to ensure we provide reports that deliver on that experience for each client.

The Core Values

Pro-Tech Inspections relies upon our core values of Persistence, Integrity, Trust, Accountability, and Prudence.

Persistence – Never give up. Have a passion for your work and for satisfying clients’ needs.

Integrity – Do what is right, not what is easy. Be ethical and honest. Focus on truth over harmony.

Trust – Trust in your team. Commit to earn their trust. Follow the Golden rule. Respect clients, co-workers, and family.

Accountability – Be accountable to staff, clients, and yourself. Do what you say. Follow through. Exhibit an ownership mentality.

Prudence – Combine understanding with forethought. Listen to what others are saying before responding.

The Mission Statement

Pro-Tech Inspections’ mission is to provide the highest quality inspections and ancillary services. We succeed based on the integrity of our team and the corporate belief and commitment to our core values. We will maintain and demonstrate this passion through continuing education, industry participation, market leadership, and adherence to our Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics –          all of which drive client satisfaction.

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One Common Goal

The Services

We Provide

Why Choose Us

We’ve built a reputation through delivering quality
services, on time, and with superior client care.

We focus on you.

Our focus is on delivering and meeting your expectations. We work for you - not the Realtor. We stand by our reporting and will assist you beyond the inspection with any Seller push back.

Easy to read reports.

Proven and demonstrated easy to read and concise reports without added fluff. We make recommendations based on best practices and observed deficiencies. Writing what we see, nothing more. No endless referrals - we own what we write.

No Pay at Closing Fees.

Other inspectors claim no hidden fees, then want to charge you to pay at closing. While we prefer to be paid at time of service, in the case of Seller concessions it just makes sense!


No secrets. We word our reports to make them easy to read and understand, we use simple language, and layman terms that are not alarming. And we are the only firm that uses a Clinical Psychologist on a quarterly basis for revisions. An on-going process committed to excellence.

Largest Service Area.

Again, some inspectors want extra fees for travel. We offer services in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens, Oconee, Laurens, Union, and Greenwood counties all for the same fee.

Fast reports.

Reports are uploaded the same day, or early the next morning before you wake. Time is of the essence and we recognize your need to start making decisions and reviewing the document as soon as possible. Electronic delivery and saved for 5 years.

And last, but far from least – The Inspectors…

The first step is a one-day ride along to see what the day in the life of one of our inspectors is like. Afterwards, multiple interviews and background checks are performed. Once this is completed, they must first earn their license before being hired. Once licensed, they begin a comprehensive training program lasting anywhere from 4-6 months. During this time, they see many crawlspaces and attics. They test numerous electrical outlets, gradually moving through the paces until they can perform an inspection on their own. Generally, 1-2 months to learn our processes and expectations.

The second month finds them being introduced to report writing. Our pest inspection partner also trains them on Wood Destroying Organisms and moisture concerns in crawl spaces during this phase.

In month 3, they begin doing supervised inspections and writing reports on their own which are reviewed by the Inspector training them that day. This process is on-going until Jacki and Stuart agree they are ready to be on their own. Then, Dave begins working with them and fine tuning the expectations. Having supervised them prior on some days, Dave is able to see the growth and understand the weaknesses from the rest of the team. They write all the reports and collaborate with the team on learning the good, the bad, and the ugly and how we write it up.

At this point, it is simply a matter of how quickly they can learn to convey the findings in our language, in our report format, and properly document the inspection. Typically, before being turned loose on their own, our new Inspectors have 4-6 months of supervised field work, have conducted 50-75 inspections on their own, and have written nearly 100 reports.

Just because you have a license does not mean you are a home inspector. No other local company invests in this level of training to prepare a newly licensed inspector.

Our Service Area

We have helped over 5000 clients across the Upstate make wise decisions during the emotional process of purchasing a home.

We can also help you prepare your home for sale. Often times, earning a higher sales price and reducing frustrations from last minute repairs that may threaten your closing.

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