Why Hire Pro-Tech for your Greenville area Home Inspections?

Simply put, Pro-Tech Inspections in Greenville is the only Home Inspections Firm that delivers you our proprietary Balanced Inspection!

What is a Balanced Inspection?

Every home inspector looks at the components of the home.  Some are more thorough than others, but the reports, photos, and messages are the similar. Except ours!

Our unique and proprietary approach includes.

  • Prior review of property records and building permits.
  • We conduct a routine home inspection by our standards on your property.This is where most inspectors stop!
  • We evaluate your home and it’s components as a whole.  Meaning we evaluate the complete structure and each component separately, and we then assess the home and how each component functions together to deliver you a complete view of your home, including maintenance tips, deferred cost items so you can plan, and FYI type information to provide you a functional guide to your new home.

The advantages of this approach creates the following benefits for you.

  1. Energy Savings Tips, Tricks, and Recommendations
  2. Recommendations to better prevent pests and most importantly, moisture intrusion into your home.
  3. Deferred Cost Items you should consider planning and budgeting for at a later time.
  4. FYI type information to help you better understand your homes features and benefits.
  5. Maintenance Tips and Tricks for interior and exterior items noted in your inspection report.
  6. Continued lifetime support as long as you own that home!
  7. Monthly newsletter geared towards specific items with your home and seasonal tips!

There are many more.  We want you to understand one thing – your home!  From that, we seek to build relationships and not single transaction opportunities.

For 20 more reasons to choose Pro-Tech Inspections download this PDF!

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