With summer almost here and the weather getting hotter, many people are taking advantage of their decks.

Decks are a great feature to almost any home, but caution is needed. Why?

Deck collapses happen every year and kill or injure hundreds of people. So if you are buying a home, make sure you have a well built deck.

What are some of the things to look for? Well, we are going to keep it simple. We could talk about joist spans and PSF load, but the average home buyer is not going to know about much of that, so here are just some of the basics to look for.

First, make sure the posts of the deck are sitting on post footings (round concrete pedestals in the ground. Also, don’t be afraid to look under the deck where it meets the house.There is a board there called the ledger board. Make sure it has relatively large bolts in it. You should also see a very small sliver of what is called the flashing – a metal piece that keeps water damage from happening. Push gently on the handrails, walk everywhere, and make sure it feels “solid”/

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