We have been hearing of a lot of different fire disasters lately, and naturally, you may be thinking of your own home and what fire prevention could exist.

One important aspect of your home is the firewall, a firewall is meant to be a barrier to prevent the fire from spreading or to significantly slow it down.  Firewalls can be built with fire-rated drywall, fire-rated masonry material like blocks, or other fire-resistant materials.  Typically firewalls are found within the attached garage of a house in the ceiling, among other spots in the home.

Within the firewall are found the fire stops from time to time.  These fire stops are put into place when holes are made in the firewall due to cables or pipes running through the wall.  Home inspectors recognize the need to do this and make openings, but it is necessary to fill the space with the fire rated material.  Occasionally fire stops are installed, but compromised due to some work that was done or repairs on cables and pipes in your home, if any work was done around these areas please let us know before our inspection.

Hopefully getting to know the basics of firewalls and firestops help you to become more aware of the importance of the right installation and placement of these fire prevention aspects.